Building relationships between the dementia sufferer and those around them

The Dementia Consultancy offers a range of services to those touched by dementia. This includes those who suffer from dementia; for family and friends of a dementia sufferer; for professional carers, informal carers and volunteers; and for managers of care homes. 

Malli Haffner-Asserson

Malli Haffner-Asserson, who is bilingual in Hebrew and English, commenced her career in the field of nursing. Having trained in Israel, England and the USA, she qualified as a nurse in both Israel and England. Malli won prizes and awards and quickly advanced, gaining senior positions in both training and management at Shaare Zedek Hospital, Jerusalem, where, inter-alia she became a member of the senior nurses’ office and ran one of Israel’s most successful courses training Russian nurses.

From the 1990s Malli worked in England for ten years, running two of the best known nursing homes in the English Jewish Community, Sage Nursing Home and Shoenfeld Square Nursing Home. She was also appointed as a consultant to Nightingale House, the largest Nursing Home in Europe with some 700 beds.

Since returning to Israel in 2005 Malli first spent time running Tamir Nursing home in Jerusalem and then volunteered for some years in Melabev where she has run training of staff and volunteers, has advised family groups and has designed and run workshops.

Simultaneously Malli has lectured about dementia care to a range of different groups and people, prior to setting up Dementia Consultancy. Malli has also studied at the Rottenberg School of Jewish Psychology.

Malli Haffner-Asserson


The professional carer will benefit from higher level analysis of the obstacles facing creating relationships with dementia sufferers and providing them with a narrative and context….

Talks can be tailored to a particular need, but the following are the most popular topics: Building Relationshops, How to communicate with AN AD Sufferer, Dealing with aggressive behavior.

We provide a service to managers of dementia facilities. We provide an audit of the care provided by the facility, and will provide a report at the conclusion of the audit.

We provide one-on-one consultation aimed principally at the friends and family of dementia sufferers. This aims to assist with a variety of issues.


The most outstanding nurse in the hospital.
Senior Doctor
Sharei Zedek Hospital
The best manager Sage Nursing Home has ever had.
Chairman and Founder
Sage Nursing Home
I have learned more about dementia from one hour of your lectures than from 20 years working in the field.
Senior Care Manager
An inspiring and brilliant speaker.
Rotenberg School of Jewish Psychology
I wish I had come to you earlier. You have helped immeasurably.
Spouse of Dementia Sufferer

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